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  • Tuesday ,13 September 2016

The oppressed hero


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Tuesday ,13 September 2016

The oppressed hero

I do not think that any president in Egypt has ruled Egypt with so many problems and crises like what we have today. During the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, the fascist religious regime that does not realize patriotism or belonging to the nation, Egypt was approaching a civil war that would divide the nation and destroy the rest of it.

President al-Sisi came in power when Egypt was facing many challenges concerning security. Groups of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice appeared in several Egyptian governorates. Many Copts have been attacked and several churches were assaulted including the great Cathedral of St. Mark. Sheikh Hassan Shehata, the Shiite leader, was killed and dragged in the streets. Fanatics called to impose Jizya tax and Islamic Sharia on Christians who are estimated at nearly 15 million Christians.
The Egyptian borders were violated through its boarders where weapons were smuggled and terrorists were given the Egyptian citizenship. On the other hand, Libya was another challenge to the Egyptian national security.
The Egyptian international relations were on fire, as many countries considered the revolution of June 30 a military coup. Egypt suffered and was punished, which put another challenge on the new Egyptian president.
The financial situation of Egypt was challenging as well. The foreign debt was overwhelming just like the internal one. Many workers have returned to Egypt after they lost their jobs in the Gulf countries. Moreover, the Egyptian tourism sector was suffering like it never has. The terrorist organization added to the already suffering situation by burning factories and blowing electricity towers up. The people were suffering from the unstable situation. Many schools were subject to booming.
This challenging situation made the job harder for the new president. Yet, he accepted the mission putting his trust in God and willing to sacrifice for the sake of his nation.
The president had to chose between deceiving the people and let them live in peace without adding to their financial suffering, or to let them suffer in order to save the future of their children. Yet, the president decided to go in the hard way. Indeed, he suffers with us and many people wrong him. No doubt he is a hero who has saved Egypt and is still saving her.