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  • Friday ,16 September 2016

Does the church have to be involved in politics?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,17 September 2016

Does the church have to be involved in politics?

From long time and our Coptic church involved by chance or by force in the Egyptian political scene, however, is this path will continue and is it in the interest of the church to be involved in the political scene always?

The reason I open this subject now because I can’t imagine that our Coptic church to announce that she sent messenger to prepare for Al Sisi visit to New York. Not only the Coptic Church will send a messenger to the states but also the Anglican Church announced that it will send a priest to prepare to Al-Sisi visit.
I believe there are many indications to that announcement from the church, one of the most important indication that the political life in Egypt Died officially. When you depend on religious institutions and not on the political parties to prepare and support your political visit, it means that we don’t need any more to the political parties.
I can understand that the church had in the past to stand beside the state because of what was going on before in the time of the Muslims Brotherhood, however, I don’t think that the church has to continue this rule, especially that the country is now more stable and the political parties should be more ready and qualified to do its role.
In conclusion, I want to assure that continuing playing that role will be danger because a modern country
should depend on its political arms not on its religious arms.