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  • Friday ,23 September 2016

Pope supports Egypt

By-Dr. Aida Nasif

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Friday ,23 September 2016

Pope supports Egypt

Egypt's participation this year in the United Nations General Assembly is different from the previous years since Egypt is currently a non-permanent member of the Security Council. Furthermore, President al-Sisi is president of the African Council for peace and Security. This means that Egypt is representing countries in Africa and the Middle East. This means we have to support the president in his mission.

It’s known that the Coptic church has always been a national one. Thus, Pope Tawadros decided to support the president in his visit to the UN. This is not new to the Pope who called the Copts in America to support the president.
Many people refused his call considering it a political role that doesn’t suit the church. However, I think that there is a big difference between playing politics and being patriot and have belonging to your country. Why do those people insist on seeking division and refuse to support Egypt! They should realize that Egypt is restoring its international relations that were lost over the last years.
In fact, Egypt is currently seeking peace in the region and is fighting terrorism as well as establishing new relations with great countries like Russia and China as well as European countries. Pope is supporting such effort exerted by the president in order to support Egypt. 
Egypt is making history and therefore, we have to support Egypt and the Egyptian president at the critical moment. I have to thank Pope Tawadros for what he did for Egypt.