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  • Friday ,23 September 2016

The crime and the Economy

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,24 September 2016

The crime and the Economy

Most of the time we look at any crime only from one side. We always think that this person is crazy or bad by nature and at the same time we forget that the criminal person is a person like any other person except for the enviroment that he was living in. 

This intrdouction is important to understand what push the people to illegally try to immigrate to Italy. The crime is realted most of the time to the situation of the economy. I read a statement to one of the saved people that sank lateley and he was confirming that he will try million times to escape Egypt even he is going to die. 

 We have to ask ourselves this question why Egypt became a big prison for most of egyptian. Most og egyptian youth wants to flee and leave egypt sooner than later. Lack of chances and and freedom is the most important reasons for egyptians to leave their country. 

Although alot of egyptian education consider Euroape and infiedel people, however, they still ready to die to reach this indidel country. 

In conclusion, I want to assure that freedom and feeling as human that what push most of egyptian to search for a better place to live and enjoy his short life.