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  • Friday ,30 September 2016

Success is out there

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,30 September 2016

Success is out there

The dream of immigration has always been a dream for young people in Egypt. This dream becomes more intense with the deteriorated economy and increasing prices. The migrants pay a huge price estimated at 50.000 LE in order to reach Europe, but the price sometimes is their lives.

Last week, a boat carrying almost 600 people capsized off Egypt's coast, killing at least 204, in the latest disaster among migrants trying to reach Europe. I understand that those young people are despite enough to do so, but giving the possibility that one may lose his life as well as the nest egg may force him or her to search for alternatives.
I found an Arabic website called kenanaonline.net. This website has over 100 feasibility studies to small projects that cost less than the amount of money those young people paid to die.
I believe we have to start encouraging our youth to start their projects instead of seeking illegal immigration or waste their time in cafés. We should teach them that life is valuable and that success will come if they really seek it in their country.
The boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea off Burg Rashid, a village in the northern Beheira province