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  • Monday ,03 October 2016

Is it the right time for reconciliation?

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,03 October 2016

Is it the right time for reconciliation?

Lately the former NDB member Ahmad Ezz who was one of the reason that 25th revolution sparked, wrote an article calling for being optimistic for the future. I was curious to read his article to explore what he will say and why especially at this time. 

In fact, while I'm reading his article I didn't focus in agreeing or not agreeing with what he said becuase there are many points you might disagree with, however, I was reading his article from different angle.

My angel was if we gave a chance to one of the persons who was responsible to make Egyptians mad and anger, can we also allow others to write articles if we find out its useful for the society.

That will lead me to the main point I want to talk about in this aticle, Is it the right time now for reconciliation among all memebers of the society to start from the begning? or do we still believe that a group should be isolated for ever?