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  • Thursday ,06 October 2016
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Message to Egyptian MPs

Mohammed Anwar Sadat

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Thursday ,06 October 2016

Message to Egyptian MPs
As the president of the Commission on Human Rights in the Egyptian Parliament, I was aiming to apply human rights standards of the real sense. I had many clashes with the government that led me to resign of such presidency. 
I hope that such situation will change, and there will be real intentions to apply human rights in Egypt.
Yet, I advise the next president of the commission on Human Rights in the Egyptian Parliament not to be fooled by slogans that the state insists on applying human rights as acknowledging a problem first is mandatory to solve it.
It should be known that ignoring critical violations of human rights may please some officials, but will cause eternal shame. We all hope for a society that protects the Egyptians dignity and respects their rights as well as the international obligations and commitments of Egypt.