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  • Friday ,07 October 2016

Mr President visit all villages

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,08 October 2016

Mr President visit all villages

Every time the media announce that President Sisi will go to visit a certain place, I see all cleaning starting to be the best place in the world at that time. 

Having said that, without these visits none of these villages will improve or have the minimum service that any village should have, furthermore, we will see garbage everywhere and careless everywhere as long as there is no announcement that Mr. President will visit that place soon.
In fact this problem back to the centralization that Egypt has long time ago, and as long as we will still keep that system I believe we will keep having the same problems.
It’s impossible to ask any president to visit all Egypt to make it better but it is better if we changed the system to be not centralized and by this way we can help in improving Egypt but in different way.
In conclusion, I want to assure that Egyptian deserve better than what they have right now and this will not come true while we are trying to solve the same problem with the same ways that we tried long time ago. We need different approach with different mentality.