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  • Wednesday ,12 October 2016

Revolution of the hungry

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Wednesday ,12 October 2016

Revolution of the hungry
The economic situation in Egypt is leading to deteriorating living conditions of the citizens The failure of the government is bringing a revolution of hunger even closer. 
The Egyptian citizens are suffering on daily basis from increasing prices, bad and expensive education, and health problems.
The situation is far from stability and the future is dark. It looks like there is an intention to make the citizens suffer forever.
The bad traffic and the increasing prices became more of daily suffering of the Egyptians. Corruption and negligence can be found everywhere and people can find a solution no more.  
The people cooperated with such corruption and benefited from it with 30 years spent under Mubarak’s regime and its corruption. Now, the prices are expected to increase even more. However, will the Egyptians be able to take more increase of prices?