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  • Tuesday ,18 October 2016

Sakakini Palace




Tuesday ,18 October 2016

Sakakini Palace

 Al-Sakakini Palace in the Al-Daher area of central Cairo is safe and sound after a fire caused by a short-circuit erupted Monday night in the guardroom of the palace's basement.

Mostafa Amin, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, announced after examining the palace that the building is in good condition and that all architecture and décor were spared.
Amin added that the blaze only affected the outer layer of the guardroom’s wooden ceiling; the wooden columns supporting the ceiling are undamaged.
Head of the Projects Sector Waadalla Abul Ela said that after investigations into the accident conclude, the wooden ceiling affected by the blaze will be restored. The wooden columns will also be consolidated to better support the ceiling.
Built in 1897 by Habib Pasha Sakakini, the palace is one of the oldest in Cairo. Designed in an Italian architectural style, it occupies 2,698 square metres and contains 50 rooms and five floors.
The palace houses 400 windows and doors, 300 statues and a large garden planted with rare trees.