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  • Wednesday ,02 November 2016

The Brazilian aircraft

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,02 November 2016

The Brazilian aircraft

The Brazilian aircraft took off heading somewhere, but when it arrived, the pilot couldn’t see the airport. They tried to use the radio to determine where they are, but they failed. They could only think that they are very close to the airport. The fuel was gone and they had to have an emergency landing. They found themselves landing over a river in a forest and barely succeeded to land after they lost many lives on board.

Patrols searched for the plan and found them more than 1000 kilometer away. They investigated the reason why the aircraft lost her mind and went astray. Investigations showed that the pilot made great mistake and enter the wrong coordinates and destination according to the old system.
The pilot had made a great mistake though he was sure he was right. In fact, some people believe they know everything and refuse to accept other views just like those who believe Egypt is going in the right way though we have so many crises and though we trust their potentials. They should learn from this pilot before it’s too late.