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  • Thursday ,10 November 2016

El-Horreya Park




Thursday ,10 November 2016

El-Horreya Park

 Taking a short walk, El-Horreya Park is right at the other end of the street, across from Cairo Opera House. Hidden at the corner of the street, unlike El-Andalus, El-Horreya is quite spacious.

It’s one of the less well-known public gardens in the city, and as a result can be quite quiet – perfect for those looking for a serene location, away from Cairo’s noisy streets. It’s also a great choice for families.
A number of events have been taking place there recently, especially during Ramadan, but it is still not one of the parks that you would find crowded on a weekday. It’s often quiet on the weekends too.
The park has a collection of statues scattered around the different parts of the garden. Starting with the section of the garden that hosts the statues of Egyptian figures, the first on your left when you enter the garden is another statue of Ahmed Shawky.
If you go more towards the left, you will find a statue of another great poet, Hafez Ibrahim, or “the poet of the Nile.”
Next to it, you can find a statue of the great Egyptian economist and founder of Banque Misr, Talaat Pasha Harb. 
If you go more to the right side of the park close to the fence, you can find a larger collection of smaller statues lined-up in the garden.
The garden is spacious very well-maintained, and you can get tea or coffee and light snacks from the kiosk in the middle of the park. A ticket to enter costs EGP 5.