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  • Tuesday ,15 November 2016

Teachers and religion

Adel Ateya

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Tuesday ,15 November 2016

Teachers and religion

We appreciate the teachers and call them messengers. Yet, they can be messengers for light or darkness. I remember several stories related to teachers some of them are positive and others are negative. 

Al-Jahiz, the famous writer and author of works of literature, and philosopher who lived in the 8th century was lucky to have a good teacher. The teacher was not good at science and philosophy, by also decided to support his student when he couldn’t afford for his family. The teacher gave him a lot of money to be able to dedicate his time for learning. This was hundreds of years ago.
However, in the modern days, many teachers are very ignorant to mix between religion and science. Moreover, they evaluate their students based on their religion. Once a Coptic Christian student was having an exam. The professor knew he was Christian from his name. He asked him: “which of us you may call a donkey?” “None, as God has created us on his image”. The professor insisted: “which of us you may call a donkey?” “I should be the donkey since you examine me today!”
A Christian girl was persecuted by her professor because of her cross. He decided to make her fail for two years since she refused to follow his orders to take off the cross. However, she succeeded at the third year.
Another Christian girl was having an exam. The professor told her that he is going to give her grades as many crosses as she has. He expected that she will only have 3 crosses at most. However, she had a bag of 98 little crosses that she has just bought to deliver to Sunday school. He had to give her 98 of 100. It’s amazing that those teachers mix science with religion to destroy everything.