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  • Wednesday ,30 November 2016

The accused are innocent unless they are Christian

By-Maged Sous

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Wednesday ,30 November 2016

The accused are innocent unless they are Christian

The Egyptian people are very familiar with torture and insulting for thousands of years. They were occupied by several countries, ruled by kings who were overthrown in the revolution of July 23. For years, security services tortured the people decided to reject such insult and torture in the revolution of January 25, 2011.

The regime was overthrown but the people couldn’t be very optimistic as human rights in general as well as the rights of the minorities were violated as usual. Once again people are tortured and insulted in police stations even if they are innocent!
At that level, all people, no matter what their religion is, are insulted and tortured, but being Christian gives many policemen extra reason to enjoy torturing him known that God is happy with what he does!
Magdy McCain hit the police car by his donkey cart, therefore, police officers starting hitting him hard and having a cross tattoo on his hand made them hit him even more. Muslims suffer from such attacks as well, but Christians suffer even more. 
The lady in Karm village was stripped off because of her religion, and Girgis Baroumy was convicted of raping a little girl though he is impotent because of his religion. Moreover, Demiana of Luxor was convicted of defaming Islam though most of the witnesses denied the accusation.  It happens in my country the accused is innocent unless he is Christian