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  • Thursday ,01 December 2016

God has spoken

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,01 December 2016

God has spoken

Leaders of the major powers are keen on planning and consider it crucial for their countries and peoples. They use all means to make such plans work for the benefit of their countries and people. Consequently, the Arab countries suffered from a Zionist American plan known as the “Arab spring” 

Such plans started many years ago, and the Muslim Brotherhood was used to make the plan work. The MB came in power and they decided to sell the Egyptian land in Sinai and divide Egypt. Yet, God saved Egypt by its great son, president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, who supported his people and nation from such evil schemes. However, the enemies of Egypt refused to see the massive demonstrations of 33 million Egyptians calling for the overthrown of the Muslim Brotherhood.
After the revolution of June 30, America decided to stop its financial aid and refused to sell arms to Egypt in order to support its allies and plans in the Middle East. Yet, the Egyptian president was very wise and kept good relations with several American officials and the presidential candidates, Hillary who supported the MB, and Trump. Al-Sisi could make a strong relationship with Trump.
The presidential elections started in America, and the results were surprising as Trump won against all expectations. Now the evil scheme has changed as God has intervened to save us.