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  • Monday ,05 December 2016
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Egyptian Traditions – Over And Over Again

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,05 December 2016

Egyptian Traditions – Over And Over Again

As time passes and people keep blaming ex-president Mubarak for all the misery Egyptians still suffering from; Very poor people; corrupted police officers, military forces still helping around no one else capable to solve those problems? Should it be the Army?

Well the collapse of Education system was it Mubarak's fault? Our new respectful parliament that all they could do is prosecute R.I.P. Naguib Mahfouze or call all university girls “Whores” and they can not see the degradation in male's attitudes and more is it still Mubarak's fault?
Long time ago when the King was still a King in power, he had a parliament that its members refused to be pawns in a chess board they refused the British occupation and was the 1919 revolution Saad Zagloul was expelled  not by the King but by the occupation British forces but history did open all doors to him!
I'm sorry to say -and said it before- R.I.P. Nasser the real patriotic president was the root of most problems Egyptians suffer from! The degradation of Education started when it become free for all Egyptians it lost its value parents did not have to save money to educate their children but the farmer that used his boys to help him in the field decided his boy could be a doctor or engineer not just a farmer and results, agriculture went to chaos!
Now do not get me wrong, criticizing is not hatred, RIP Nasser was the only  president I cried when he died I felt like Egypt had become an orphan at the time as a child I was feeling that RIP Nasser was the father of all Egyptians -the father of the nation- I was too young to see the other side of the truth and schools then did a good job to let us believe what was happening was the right path to FREEDOM!
In fact without turning around the truth, RIP Nasser took over the rule of Egypt under occupation (the British Occupation) and left it under occupation (Israeli occupation) total accomplishment = zero in this issue, he did nationalize properties and we saw the reaction in Suez Canal nationalization, true Suez Canal was on Egyptian territories dug with Egyptian hands but it was considered as a British/French property they did hire pilots, and engineers  defended it upon the WWII and nationalizing it was like you are taking away my adopted baby!
When you take away my property I have to defend it countries defend their properties with WARS and this is what happened on 1956, RIP Nasser took possession Suez Canal, it was like if he took possession for his own benefit, they had to take him away, but Egyptians defended their country not the president the attack was on Egypt and all Egyptians not on him alone!
 Once again nationalizing was an act of theft, true RIP Nasser did not take possession of successful for himself but it opened the door for private thieves who started thieving the country and poor people remained poor!
So going back to history that was the beginning to understand facts, history not written in government books under the control of the government but true history that its doors were widely opened with the introduction of the Internet Wikipedia and worldwide publishing authorities stating facts or even responding to rumors and stating facts! The rumors of private King Farouk life were uncovered and his true love to Egypt and Egyptians was uncovered the truth was discovered! 
This does not mean a change of heart towards RIP Nasser he was a true Egyptian lover clean hands never stole but he did jeopardize the life of countless citizens who left their houses and become immigrants due to the Israeli occupation until RIP Sadat ended their misery that was because …
GOD blessed Egypt and Egypt alone may he keeps blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon all of you!