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  • Monday ,19 December 2016

Egyptian Traditions – I'm Back

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,19 December 2016

Egyptian Traditions – I'm Back

Well I missed you last week for personal reasons but you all know – my readers if there is any one – I love talking to you all not too sure if I do have any followers or readers but in my imagination I feel like talking to you not writing an article!

My comment of the News I got of Egypt
You all know I'm not in Egypt since some time back and due to TV receiver problems I have no Egyptian channels EMTV or CBC or and broadcasting from Egypt the only channel I follow is RIK 1 TV a Cyprus related channel that brings new of Aleppo in Syria -حلب فى سوريا- or Peter's cathedral bombing and I see afterwards Egyptians' reactions on Facebook, and on this issue I would like to say:- Remember we are fighting and in war with terrorists and terror, do not let the issue get out of proportions; When a TV presenter reads the news he might not be a terrorist himself, or the one who wrote the news or the director  of that channel they are just doing their job and are not supposed to think ahead how we would receive the news, we clam dead of the bombing are Martyrs others see them victims and many more they just see a dead person, nominations is not the issue but using your sorrows on those victims, martyrs dead or what so ever nomination is to ignite vengeance and revenge forgetting that Christianity calls for redemption and forgiveness! 
Since ever Muslim Brotherhood tries its best to ignite a sectarian violence and always our Muslim Egyptian Brothers united with the Christians fail the plot!
I just remind you no one has the keys of Heaven or Hell, they are with God and we all will be judge accordingly!
International News
Well the most important is what is happening in Syria the Assad regime and authorities almost freed Aleppo and about to take control and here I recall when all this Islamic -MB short for Muslims Brotherhood- revolutions started (obviously this can't be MB plots alone they are brained washed can not plan ahead they are just mercenaries of higher brains CIA under the control of MI6; I repeat when all this terrorists issues started it was in Tunis; and the then president of Tunis fled the country to Saudi Arabia Kingdom and was granted a Hi profile asylum -Seeing what is happening NOW I just wander it that Kingdom the under-covered agent of CIA & MI6?- Well I know we have unlimited amount of problems in Egypt and this is my last article before Christmas -Merry Christmas to you all- so I do not want to be a reason for more misunderstanding between Egypt and the Saudi Arabia Kingdom so I rest my case at this point and wish you all happy holidays! 
May God Keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon you all!