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  • Monday ,30 January 2017

Back to my Old Habits

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,30 January 2017

Back to my Old Habits

As time passes on and my new article is due I start watching the news I need to know what is going on in Egypt! A full day I did watch the only Egyptian channel I receive abroad -ESC- that is channel 1!

The news I had were about the “Youth Conference” in Aswan, the visit of the  Egyptian President El-Sisi and his visit to inspect the Hi Dam there his visit to Army and Police officers thanking them for their efforts to maintain security in upper Egypt!

By the way I thank them too and wish them all the Best in the memorial of the Police day -25th January- and on this issue I saw some funny Facebook comments pointing out that the day was peaceful and wondering if President Trump did cut of supplies from Muslim brotherhood!

Well back to one of my OLD HABITS I had a whole article explaining how and who introduced the word COPTS which means Egyptians in Greek Language and how non speaking Greek Language transformed the word into COPTS!

Unfortunately Christian Egyptians monopolized the word for them and even some of them misuse it!

C opts was meant to be Egyptian regardless of his religion  beside I always said it Egyptians are the decedents of Pharaohs not ARABS! Pharaohs had their own UNIQUE GOD believes they gave him different names Amoun, Ara, different names but to them it was a Unique God that Created the world!

I wonder how come that Egypt which protected the Holly Family from Erodes atrocities and saved Mosses who received the 10 commandments in Sinai of Egypt way before Jesus Christ birth could Egypt be Arabs and they do not even have religious pilgrims  like Saudi Arabia which just had Mohamed!

Lots of events world wide are pointing to Islam with all Due Respect to all people of different religions  , and still we see only Egypt country has a religion! Best response was from Syria that is about to announce its new constitution and said it clear and nit they are not Arabs the country has no religion and its official language Kurd or … Moreover Britain, France, Germany you name it countries RELIGIOUSLESS, we see it only in Arab Countries and still not all inhabitants in those Arab Countries are Muslims!


May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon you all!