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  • Monday ,01 May 2017

Pope or Youth Conference?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,01 May 2017

Pope or Youth Conference?

This last week was full of events I had loads of comments but time had run out and not going to miss this week article because I was unable to decide which most important event should be reflected in my weekly article?

Not gone a miss my meeting with my readers -if any- even if I had to make my shortest weekly article!
First comes First 
We started the week with the 4th youth annual convention and they had shown -the youth- so much awareness of almost all events but they are still youth which by default means lack of education knowledge and expertise! 
It shows clearly in 1st day when first questions or comments or demands to the president-you name it as you like- were about clearance to pass from unsafe zones to safer one and the president did not properly understand its hidden meanings his response was just an apology which is not the correct response!
We need first to remind the readers or people in general :- WE ARE AT WAR!
At war times all acts and decisions are acceptable without negotiations; however when an old lady complains from inspection measures is not like young people complaining she needs spacial treatment like getting a priority for her age or less tough search or what so ever in her mind but young people protesting is due to the feeling they are delayed with other inspections they had already passed few miles back but that is your own feeling not what could had happen mean time in those extra miles an additional passenger come in no one can stop him from getting in just because he was late or missed the starting point!
So yes the comment or demand on the repeated inspections sounds the same but it has different reasons and accordingly the response can never be the same!
Another issue that attracted my attention was the guy that demanded to be in the army he wants to serve his country in the army and no one pays attention to the right and just cause when it comes to a crippled guy moving around on sticks or wheel chair or even being carried by some guys!
Yes, this guy is on of the people we call “People with special needs” and since ever people like him are unfit to serve in the army!
Let my remind you “Army” is a word its origin from the common word we all know and have “Arm” each and every one of us is born having 2 arms -not talking of special cases were organs or not properly nutter and fed by the carrier body -the mother- and these are exemptions beyond the scope of this article! So back to normal cases each and everyone is born with 2 arms! Why? To help him survive, with your hands to drink water and eat, yes I can imitate the donkey eat and drink without using my hands but unlike the donkey God provided my with 2 arms and 2 legs they can do same jobs like the 4 legs of the donkey however the donkey's 4 legs can not be used like ARMS!
On the long run those arms helped people survive the dangers of nature and wild life, little by little they become more effective being protected from injuries and with those protected arms they could achieve more missions and become weapons but development has no limits until weapons were invented and protected arms started to carry weapons they called for short ARMS because they were carried with the ARMS and from here come the word “ARMY”
Now let us recall 25th April was The day Sinai returned to Egypt after the 5 days defeat of June the 6th!
Egyptians Always Accept Challenges
Nasser after the June 6th defeat decided to retire but as an Egyptian who loved Egypt he accepted the challenge and decided to FREE the occupied lands east of Suez Canal, for that he needed to rebuild the Army that was tore apart following the 5 days war, however he died before freeing the occupied land and El Sadat continued the path until finally on 25 April Sinai was FREE and become the national day of Sinai, but this was not an easy task it took years and years of preparations! As the Army was growing up more and more to be fit for its mission it needed more and more resources and money! 
Abou Gazala the ex – defense minister decided to develop his own means for example, he decided to plant the needed food for his solders he had to develop irrigation system and as well the factories and selling the excess of his needs provided the army with the necessary funds for more projects we see it clearly now in the army's help whenever there is a crisis  the Army saved Alexandria from the gutters and saved poor people from starvation and so one, the engineering department helped and still helping Electricity minister Dr. Shaker and many more electricity developing projects!
The Army is here for Egyptians ALL Egyptians
If the army us there to serve and protect Egypt and Egyptians all of them then …
As I just illustrated since Abou Gazala developed the Army and its resources not every army officer is just climbing obstacles or fighting the Engineers that helped Dr. Shaker in the electricity are still army officers, those who build bridges and towns and factories are still army officers to make the long story shorter I would say “Not all army officers are FIGHTERS”!
Moreover people with special needs -being one of them myself- are way more stubborn than normal people, the crippled guy that on a wheel chair went to the conference 2-3 days ago and met El-Sisi and asked him to join the army couldn't he just send an SMS over messenger and watch the conference from the comfort of his own room TV? Why take the trouble to go there and meet El-Sisi?
Any person with special needs who just do not sit hopeless by fights back his disability proves to be a very stubborn person why our equally stubborn army does not make use of them? Year 2018 should be the year of people with disabilities I would propose to start it with the new law that no one Egyptian would be exempted from service in the Army each according to his abilities would be dispatched to the proper functional area!
Now The Pope of PEACE was in the Country of Peace for a PEACE CONFERENCE!
I'm really feeling blessed being able to see and hear the POPE I'm really sorry to say unfortunately translation from Italian to Arabic was not even 50% but grateful for its coverage by the media so I'll say
May God Keep Blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon you all!