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  • Monday ,08 May 2017

Between choice and inevitability

By-Mohamed El Saadany - dailynewsegypt



Monday ,08 May 2017

Between choice and inevitability

The law of nature is inevitability, and the law of life is choice. Humans live between the ability to choose and the inevitability of life. You might wonder “how?” and the answer is that the law of nature does not recognise exceptions. Despite the renewing nature of life, it is stable and unchangeable. The change of seasons is inevitable, because the sun cannot just rise from the west. It is inevitable for the sun to rise from the east. The same goes for night and day. This is the law of nature that will not let an apple float; it falls on the ground instead where there is gravity and Newton’s law that knows no exceptions. Law in nature is the rule, not a coincidence.

Everyone is subject to this law; however, despite its cohesion, it is divided into sections, with the laws of physics, chemistry, the movement of celestial bodies, gravity, tides, the science of earth layers, biology, relativity, and the theories of thermodynamics.
In the law of nature, there is a large section called “genetics science”, from which developments made in modern sciences were derived, such as biotechnology and genetic engineering, resulting in cloning and new definitions through it; however, all of this never crossed the limits and inevitability of life. The process of cloning Dolly the sheep in the Rosalin Institute resulted in cloning a sheep, not another animal. It did not result in an elephant, giraffe, deer, monkey, or cow. It is the genetics law that determines the skin colour of humans, their height, and hair colour and texture—curly or straight for example—in addition to the eye colour and the gender of the foetus.
So as to nature, body, shape, and composition, the human being is subjected to the law, which is vanquished by nature and its inevitability that he can’t choose.
The human-being’s will in life and in his career is his choice. If he is willing good, he will do good, and if he is willing evil, he will find evil.
The law of life is a choice. He who is working hard, will be rewarded. Ask and you will find an answer. Request and you will get what you want. Knock on doors and they will be opened.
In life you are the one who chooses to be successful in your study, according to your ability of studying, understanding, and achievement, along with your choice to be committed or disobedient.
It is also like choosing to be politically supportive or opposed; it’s up to you. To be a good player in the game of politics, you should be armed by science, experience, expertise, and knowledge, or stay pale without a spirit or identity or initiatives, even if you became a minister; this is also your own choice.
If you get out of the playground of life as a loser scoring zero goals, you should only blame yourself for what you have done; your work and your weak will that failed to pass the tests of life.
If you like being in the audience seats, you should not dream of a lead role in the movie of life. Then you can only watch. If this is what you actually do, then you should know that you have not heard the calls of life to get up and work. It is choice, and unfortunately, we are not very good at making choices. We tend to blame life, when we are actually the ones to be blamed. The blame is on you; you were the one who turned a blind eye to your own will and your ability to keep fighting.
You determine your own will. When you have higher ambitions, you achieve more things that you are proud of. It is your choice now to give your life a new dimension.
Read, try, learn, interact, manage your time, and ask yourself what you added to yourself, your work, and your family. What have you read or watched recently? What has affected you? Which newspaper are you keen on reading regularly? If these questions have answers in you, you are someone who really deserves to live and be. If you do not have clear answers to these questions, you have chosen to be one of the people who are distinct only by what they eat and drink, and whom they marry—according to Darwin’s evolution theory—without a value added by them to life, community, and people. This means that no one will notice you, and this is when it becomes no right of yours to give opinion about people’s affairs or ask for people’s respect. Respect is something you receive based on what you give and the impact you leave, not through superiority over commoners and the humbler people who were not able to receive good education. They are classified based on what they do. Some of them are clever craftsmen and really good at what they do. They leave their own impact.
The point is not about your profession or the nature of your job; it is about your performance. This is the standard and indicator. In all cases, the door is still open before you. You can always start working, asking, and learning.
I believe I have answered several questions by many readers. I apologise if I do not answer everybody’s questions. Days are busy and it is difficult to keep up with everything. And your energy, no matter how large, is still considered limited before the force of time and the absurdities thrown our way by people and officials every day.
You live your life and walk your path between inevitability and freedom. Your being and physical presence is inevitable. Your life, personality, decisions, and biases are your choices. It is up to you to choose.