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  • Wednesday ,04 July 2018

Minister of Tourism

By-Hany Sabri Labib

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Wednesday ,04 July 2018

Minister of Tourism

The new Minister of Tourism in Egypt has reduced the rank of the project of reviving the path of the Holy Family from A to D which means it is not within the priorities of the ministry. Therefore, the project may stop due to her decision. I find the decision detrimental to Egypt s status on the world tourism map. Consequently, Egypt will lose billions of dollars annually from the pilgrimage of all Christians in the world who will come to visit these holy places. 

Moreover, such project reflects coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt after the Vatican has adopted the path of the Holy Family in Egypt on the map of religious tourism, which means that more than one billion and three hundred million people will recognize it and millions of people will visit the Holy Places for the benefit of the Egyptian economy. 
I don t know the reason behind such defective decision which will have a negative impact on the Egyptian economy and reputation. The previous minister of tourism dedicated 250 million LE for the project that was just canceled by the new minister. I wonder about the reason behind such contradiction in decisions in just few months.
There is a question here about if the new minister doesn t realize the importance of the project for Egypt. If so, they should find another one who knows the priorities of the ministry. 
I suggest that the Egyptian government coordinates with UNESCO to contribute to the revival of the Holy Family and to provide the necessary material and technical support for this huge project or else the government should finance such project knowing its revenue.
I also suggest the opening of a bank account to support the revival of the Holy Family path project, in which the Egyptians will contribute to this project. I call on the government to make this project a priority because of its effect on Egypt and the whole world.