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  • Thursday ,01 November 2018

Christianity and politics

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,01 November 2018

Christianity and politics

Christianity has not only faced persecution when it spread all over the world by miracles, but also since its very beginning when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Herod wanted him dead and therefore, he killed all children in Bethlehem. Yet, the Holy Family fled to Egypt in order to keep the child safe.

Seizing houses of worship also started since the days of Jesus Christ on earth when He expelled the sellers at the temple saying that it is a place of worship but they made it a cave of thieves.
Christians were also persecuted since the very beginning just like Christ was. Such persecution continued till today producing thousands of saints and martyrs and spreading Christianity throughout the world.
Until our modern era, which witnessed many attacks and massacres of the enemies of Christianity, such as Armenian massacres and displacement by the terrorists of the Ottoman Empire Berber during World War I through the systematic terrorist operations against Christians and their property in the Middle East , Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia by the Muslims, who embraced the Salafi ideology, supported financially and geographically by the governments of the Wahhabi political Islam. Several terrorist organizations were formed to persecute and kill Christians.  Some governments demolished churches and monasteries and forced Christians to abandon their homeland.
The Israeli forces have recently attacked and beaten peaceful monks in front of their monastery, which was denounced by the Egyptian government. In fact, the Egyptian government did the same in several monasteries in Egypt like St. Anthony in the Red Sea, Wadi Rayan in Fayyoum, and St. John Abul Daraj in Jalal mount!
Christ came to spread spiritual love and to instill the principles of his teachings through the exhortation on the mountain. He came to reconcile the brothers and to disavow the division between them. Christ never used politics to suppress his people, but church leaders nowadays are affected by politics and are preaching patriotism rather than Christianity and searching for useless earthly gains. Thus, they have to search for love, humility and cooperation. They should know that politics and governments can t destroy our faith.