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  • Wednesday ,07 November 2018

European anxiety

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Wednesday ,07 November 2018

European anxiety

A few days ago, Swiss television broadcast a report on Egypt and its conditions under the leadership of the President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi for one hour. I was not surprised by the lack of information presented by the non-professional report, partly because of my understanding of the Western culture after living in Europe for decades. As the Western evil plans almost succeed to divide Egypt, as part of the greater plan to divide the Arab region. However, the Egyptian masses demonstrated to abolish this conspiracy. In fact, I believe the Egyptians have a civilization beyond the West s mind to control it. This raises the question of why the West is trying to destroy what we can call the  awakening of Egypt  after the revolution of June 30?

For 40 years, I have been living in Switzerland, and this gave me an opportunity to understand the Swiss way of thinking. Swiss people believe that each country may have a different kind of civilization with a significant vision, culture and politics, but they should fail since they are different from the Swiss way! Yet, I believe that each human experience has its own vocabulary and each people has its own cultural, and we can t reject different cultures only because they are different. We should study and understand other experiences instead of rejecting them.
I wonder: Why do not the political and media leaders in the West concentrate on Egypt s giant projects that are being done in a record time? Projects including areas of energy, confronting slums and other health and intellectual initiatives.  Did they notice eliminating virus C, the information bank, educational reform, eliminating the waiting lists in government hospitals. They have been completed over the last five years and deserve respect and appreciation, and confirm the seriousness of the ruling regime led by President al-Sisi to develop Egypt.
The Egyptian state is now exerting tremendous efforts to rid itself of the  random  slums that have been left over years as criminal wells. Such slums produced terrorism and crime as well as intellectual and cultural disorder. Now, they are being changed to create human beings whom are able to think and work properly. However, I understand the Western anxiety for improving the Egyptian armed forces, but this doesn t mean Egypt will attack anyone. It rather works on protecting its land, which is her absolute right. 
I am convinced that the development that is taking place in Egypt is what worries some countries in the West. Some want Egypt to be only a market for the Western mind and products. All greetings, appreciation and respect to all who work for the future of Egypt and building it as a civilized nation who can take pride in their future and not only their great past.