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  • Tuesday ,13 November 2018

Terrorism attacks innocent people again near a monastery

Youseef Sidhom

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Tuesday ,13 November 2018

Terrorism attacks innocent people again near a monastery

For the second time, Egypt is terrorized by a terrorist crime witnessed near the Monastery of St. Samuel in Minya governorate.  This comes after former terrorist attack at the same area last year. This time at least 7 people were killed and 15 wounded.

I offer my sincere condolences to families and friends of the victims of this horrible attack and for those who were wounded. The church had to suffer twice from such attack that tests its faith and tolerance of its peaceful congregation.  Patriotism is also another subject for this test. However, unity is the only way before Egypt that has to unite its people, army and government. The evil terrorism insists on targeting Egypt and its innocent people. 

In such hard times, people may talk about security negligence, especially with the tragedy and loss of innocent martyrs, wounded people, and sorrowful families. Others may talk about the great challenges faced by the government.

Unfortunately, rules of war doesn t apply in such war against terrorism. No matter how much victory we achieve, we may still receive strong losses in attacks like the recent one at St. Samuel monastery. Yet, we have to blame the officials who took forever to pave the way to the monastery and connect it to cell phone networks.

Their mistakes let the innocent citizens face terrorists alone and left the poor uncovered to face their bullets. Why didn t they do their job to secure the people whom we now we shed tears as we call them martyrs?