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  • Wednesday ,14 November 2018

An extremist attacks a church in Ain Shams

By-Hani Sabri

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Wednesday ,14 November 2018

An extremist attacks a church in Ain Shams

The series of assault on the Copts continue as an extremist stormed into the Church of St. George in Ain Shams holding a white weapon and promising to kill all infidels in the church during the Sunday liturgy. Two people were injured in that attack before the defendant was arrested. I believe the extremist has a sound mind since he chose Sunday to commit his crime and knew the entrance of the church. What if he had a real weapon? We would have a number of dead people counted as martyrs!

It is clear that similar attacks on Christians are increasing, but the state makes no move to prevent them except for denial and denouncing as well as offering sincere condolences! This raises questions about ability of the state to protect its citizens and when these attacks will come to an end? The key problem here is that criminals are not usually punished for what they do, and the price is always paid by the Copts, who pay the price of ignorance, illiteracy, retardation and extremism. Therefore, the state has to face such culture of extremism and try to change it.   
This unfortunate and repeated incidents of assaults against the Copts disturb public order and endanger the safety and security of society and harm the National unity and social peace and intimidation of the security and endangering the lives of others. The crimes committed are clear criminal acts that should be accounted for immediately.
I wonder: who gave the criminal such authority to punish other people for their beliefs. They should think they are safe and will receive no punishment as they are claiming to have psychiatric disorder. Therefore, the attacks will not come to an end without the rule of law. Coptic properties and blood will continue to be she adding to the instability of the state and wasting the star of citizenship and law.