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  • Tuesday ,20 November 2018

Both of them is crazy

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Tuesday ,20 November 2018

Both of them is crazy

Attacking the Cops and their churches in Egypt is still happening, and the murderer is still acquitted as well. The best way to prove the murderer not guilty is by calling him crazy. This is usually the case in most sectarian attacks.

Bing crazy or psychopath is the most known way to acquit murderers of the Copts. This was the case in the very first attack by ISIS in Alexandria in 2006 when a terrorist attacked three different churches in different places and stabbed a man to death, but was acquitted in a crazy way by calling him crazy!
This was the beginning of using this technique in all following cases including the murder of Coptic clergy. It was also the pretext of two recent terrorist attacks in Alexandria and Cairo using white weapons.
It was also similar scenario when a Coptic soldier is killed. They claim that mental illness of the Coptic soldier led him to kill himself or human mistake lies behind killing himself while cleaning his arm!
In fact, acquitting a killer or claiming the murdered man has committed suicide defames the reputation of our country abroad, especially with its repetition in the same format. The Egyptian blood has been priceless in some Arab countries and an Egyptian man has been killed abroad and his murderer was called crazy too! Furthermore, those responsible for the mentally ill people should be held accountability for their ignorance if they were left to hurt themselves. This is how developed country deal with them.
The Copts and their churches and possessions will always be targeted by terrorists and supporters of ISIS, whom are called crazy! Soon, they will move their activities to the tourists in order to threaten the national security. We have to face this threat and stop joking by calling for renewal of religious discourse. In fact, we need to renew our constitution and laws that support discrimination and destroy equal citizenship.