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  • Wednesday ,21 November 2018

Coptic forgotten civilization


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Wednesday ,21 November 2018

Coptic forgotten civilization
Coptic civilization is a great civilization that came in Egypt and left great impact on Egypt and other nations. However, this great civilization does not receive the due attention from the Egyptian state. 
It is surprising and even ironic that many countries are interested in the Coptic civilization and establish sections in their universities to study them, but the Egyptian state ignores it and refuse to include them in the curricula and refuse to establish dedicated sections for Coptic civilization in its universities like Pharonic and Islamic sections. An official said once in television interview that Coptic civilization belongs to Christians and we have nothing to do with it! This showed that many Egyptian officials don t consider Coptic civilization part of their own civilization.
I believe that the Egyptian state doesn t consider the Coptic civilization part of its history. It wouldn t care if it is in danger and it considers them belong only to the Copts.
I hope the Egyptian state proves it does care for the Coptic civilization, but it has always ignored them with a kind of disregard mixed with racism and discrimination.