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  • Tuesday ,27 November 2018

President spoke the truth

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Tuesday ,27 November 2018

President spoke the truth

During the celebration of the Prophet s Birthday, President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi delivered a speech that revealed his love for his country and religion. His words came as stabbing knife in the heart of the religious institutions that hinders correcting the religious discourse.

He said that problems of the Islamic countries are the wrong interpretation of our religion. He added that extremism and wrong interpretation defame the reputation of Islam and Muslims all over the world.
The president added that religious institutions in Egypt hate to change because of their fear of extremists or because they benefit from certain texts in addition to the verses that came to respond to certain conditions and circumstances which have come to an end.
Being human was the origin when God created man. Therefore, we have to live in peace with one another. Moreover, heavenly religions do not need armed gangs to protect them from disappearing since God is able to protect his word and promises to the believers. I believe the president is still fighting to build a civil state in Egypt.
I want to say here that Coptic Christians have learned a lot about Muslims and Islam thanks to the curricula and microphones of mosques during Fridays. Therefore, Coptic history should be studied in schools. I also call to use religious curricula in schools to teach children about all religions in Egypt to teach them how each party thinks. The extremism of several sheikhs only caused destruction and distortion to their religion. May God help the president to carry out his hard mission.