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  • Monday ,10 December 2018

Mr. Hanafi educating young people

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Friday ,07 December 2018

Mr. Hanafi educating young people

Mr. Hanafi is an old man who educates young people about history through his street gallery. He prints photos related to certain political occasions like October 6th war, the revolution of June 30, and even World Wars. Then, he walks in the streets to explain his photos to the people walking in the streets.

He says that many people learn from his stories and tell him that the information is new to them, which makes him very happy, but few people make fun of him.
The man doesn t have certain place, but all streets of Cairo and all people walking in them are his audience.
He talked about events and public figures and even art, and teaches many people who knew nothing about such events and people. 

Egypt is no longer open society

All Media was busy last week talking about the dress of the actress “ Rania Youseef”. All media forget about the severe economic problems that Egypt suffer from and just paid their attention to one of the basics human rights which is the right of wearing what suits you.

Unfortunately, the media is poor because they are forbidden to discuss any political or economic problems and that s why this topic became number one to discuss.

In fact, President Sisi closed every possibility to discuss or to criticise, otherwise, there are many accusations are ready to put you in the prison without any mercy and without any one can know anything about you.

I believe we are in danger situation not because the dress of “ Rania” but because we neglect any serious issue we need to discuss and resort to any nonsense because this is the current atmosphere we live in.

In conclusion, I want to admit that Egypt set backward and no longer is an open society which you can discuss anything and  accept any opinion or any person as long as he or she didn t hurt you.