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  • Thursday ,13 December 2018

A homeland without churches

By-Maged Sous

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Thursday ,13 December 2018

A homeland without churches

The famous Egyptian leader Saad Zaghloul told his wife that there is no use from taking medicine with his powerful illness. This  no use  was changed by some people into his negotiations with the Britain High Commissioner to falsely prove he lost his patience during the negotiations.

Such unfair twisting is also demonstrated by the people who take half of the facts and ignore the rest of it like those who take half of a verse of the Koran saying:  don t pray  and ignore the rest of it that says  while you are drunk . Thus, the meaning of the verse becomes  don t pray !
In August 2013, more than 100 Egyptian churches were burned and destroyed, and Pope Tawadros II commented on this saying:  we can pray in mosques or in any place and let the burned churches be offerings to save Egypt. A homeland without churches is bester than churches without homeland. However, evil people quoted his saying to attack him assuring he underestimates the Importance of churches and allows the government to hinder its restoration!
After the restoration of the Great Catherdral of St. Mark, Pope Tawadros finished it and reopened it on the 50 years anniversary of its building; however, many people criticized making an icon inside the church for the Pope. Yet, those people didn t realize the icon that demonstrate the recognition of the holy synod of Pope Cyril VI and Habib Girgis as saints.
Those people didn t refuse having an icon for Pope Shenouda III holding the relics of St. Athanasius. The icon is for St. Cyril and Habib Girigs, and the woman in the icon of St. George was not declared a saint! 
The fierce war against the Pope and the church requires all support and prayers that God may save his church forever.