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  • Friday ,14 December 2018

Egypt is fine Mr. President

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,15 December 2018

Egypt is fine Mr. President

I listened to the phone call that president Sisi made on the TV yesterday talking about the lady “ Nehmedo”, who drives a microbus  as her own source of living. No one can deny that this lady doing amazing work and many like her in Egypt doing the same which president Sisi praised yesterday.

Having said that, President Sisi started to talk about the yellow vest movement in France and declaring that Media has to clarify that this group of people demonstrate because the price in France equal about 30 Egyptian pound and we can t compare their situation with our situation which is true.
Unfortunately, and because media now became only one voice, the host: Shreef Amer” couldn t utter a word or revise what president Sisi said. For example, he couldn t say that they have something called “ Minimum wage” which Egypt doesn t have, they have something called “ Unemployment aid” Which Egypt doesn t have. They have “Fair medical care” which Egypt doesn t have.
 The most sacred thing ever, when someone tells you that we are amazing and everything is great. This is a moment you need to feel we are in danger, because covering the truth will never put us forward.
In conclusion, I m calling the free writers to speak loud about the real situation Egypt live through because the next generation will never forget about the silence moment we live in right now.