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  • Tuesday ,25 December 2018

We should elect governors and mayors

By-Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Tuesday ,25 December 2018

We should elect governors and mayors
The local government system was established in October 1960, where the governors took their offices and were usually chosen from the judiciary, the army, the police, and university professors. 
I believe the governor s job is different from the minister s since the governor is more of a mayor of the region. In Europe, governors are called mayors, and therefore, they are supposed to work in the streets and meet with the people to know their needs and fulfill them. 
During the days of the royal system mayors were elected in the villages by the rich people. The rest of the people had to wait the results and deal with it.
After the revolution of July 23, the system changed and each person has the right to vote in the elections to choose the mayor. Soon, the mayors were appointed instead of being elected. Maybe in order to avoid disputes and even murder crimes accompanying the election process!
However, the vote system remains the best even if it has a number of defects. Thus, I call to return the election system for governors and mayors.