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  • Thursday ,03 January 2019

Paramone of the Nativity

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Thursday ,03 January 2019

Paramone of the Nativity

Paramone is the day before Christmas and it is the day when we get ready to receive the Lord born after the journey of the fasting and the month of Koiak praises. Our hearts turn towards the small city of Bethlehem, where we receive our gift of salvation and the registration of our names in the kingdom of heavens.

We follow the star to reach the child of our life, joy and salvation. We join the shepherds and the heavenly soldiers and the gifts of kingship, priesthood and pain. 
We find the sacrifice of the whole world amidst the lambs. Thus, we worship and offer our souls to lift and fix them.
Today we are witness the greatest birth in history for a virgin, a mother and a holy spirit. We meet with angels and listen to praises that accompanied the birth of the only son who came in the fullness of time and incarnated to save human beings.
He led us to salvation and carried the cross to complete this salvation. His light shine upon our faces. What a miraculous birth and wondrous day.