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  • Friday ,11 January 2019

The Wall and the future of America

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,14 January 2019

The Wall and the future of America

The US president Trump went into a fight with Nancy Polsi defending his promise to build a wall between US and Mexico.  Trump withdrew from the meeting because Nancy Polsi was clear that she will not allow this wall to be built.

In fact this wall will determine to a great extent the winner of the next presidential election that’s why we expect to see a lot of tension between the democrats and the republican because of that.
From my opinion Trump will win to build the wall and will force that democrats to agree to his plan and accordingly he might win the next presidential election.
In conclusion, with the winning of the trade war with China and building the wall between US and Mexico, there is no doubt that Trump will be the next US President.