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  • Wednesday ,16 January 2019

Abba Makarios, the guardian of the Nationalism

By-Jamal Rushdie

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Wednesday ,16 January 2019

Abba Makarios, the guardian of the Nationalism
I do not prefer to write about religious matter, but today I am writing about Bishop Makarious of Minya and Abu Qurqas as national clergy. In recent years, the frequency of sectarian events increased in the province of Minya  against churches and the Copts and the scenario is repeated each time.
The Egyptian politicians and intellectuals are asking: why the state is leaving Minya this way though it is able to deal with it. The regime doesn t answer and some fans of it try to give answers like: It is bad heritage of extremism and others blame the church for not having the proper license or the state is waiting for the right time!
I know several writers and intellectuals who sent messages to the president as head of the regime demanding taking serious steps to prevent such incidents and preserve the country before it is too late. The church is still acting wisely by being silent hoping that the regime will not allow such incidents to increase.
Here, Bishop Makarios, the general Bishop of Minya, found himself inside the fire hearing and touching the closed churches and the burnt homes along with insults of the fanatics and the deliberate negligence of the police. He is both spiritual and patriot person who defends stability of his homeland. He demands the state to intervene and deal with the problem by fixing the cultural and security error. 
It is shameful that some agents and trumpets of the security agencies come out insuring and accusing the man of being behind the burning situation. Those have no ethics nor conscious to consider. They are just puppets that are used for a mission before they are thrown away like garbage. On the other hand, Bishop Makarious is the national person whose role will be appreciated and honored by his country since he defends the homeland and his situation proved his courageousness.
All honorable Egyptians reject sic incidents and denounce the attitude of the shaky state. Long live Egypt and Long live Bishop Makarios as servant of the crutch and the homeland with love, forgiveness and tolerance.