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  • Friday ,22 February 2019

Extremism should not be justified

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,23 February 2019

Extremism should not be justified

In one of his stupid statement Ahmad abou Al-ghaeit said lately that Plasteine issue is the main reason of extremism in the region. I don’t understand how a politician can justify violence and make it sounds right. 

Let me tell you Mr abou Al-ghaeit why there is a violence in our region. When we lack to justice and resort to revenge as a mean to wipe out our political rivals, will be always violence. When we see corruption and can’t do anything with it, will be always violence. When we teach our children to hate others in schools and mosques, will be always violence. 
When we see one part control every part in life and leave others and kill the political life, will be always violence. When a country get a fraid of a journalist and kill and dismember him, will be always violence. 
 In conclusion, I believe that Abou Al-gheit doesn’t deserve to be in this position and he should be fired because of this statement but unfortunately, he says what the arab leaders like to hear because arab leader are the main reason of violence in the region but they don’t like to hear that.