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  • Friday ,01 March 2019

Egyptian are the victims

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,03 March 2019

Egyptian are the victims
With every accident happens in Egypt we see that simple Egyptians pay the price of this careless accidents whatever this accident was a train accident or a boat accidents. 
In all countries there is something called a code of work and a code of ethics which control people from doing the wrong while they are at work and at the same time find a way to compensate victims if anything bad happened.
However, Egypt doesnt apply any of these codes which lead to a great disasters as we see everyday in the daily life. 
Having said that, there is still a chance for a correction if we want to move forward to prevent such horrible accidents in the future. 
Accidents happens everywhere in the world and you cant prevent it from happening 100%, but using codes of work and code of ethics will decrease them to the Minimum and thus save Egyptian lives.