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  • Wednesday ,06 March 2019

Terrorism, corruption and negligence

Mohammed Anwar Sadat

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Wednesday ,06 March 2019

Terrorism, corruption and negligence

Egypt in my opinion will not have stability and development in all aspects of life before we face these three challenges: Terrorism, corruption and negligence. We shall begin with political reconciliation and the reunification of all Egyptians on the basis of citizenship, renunciation of violence, respect for law and the court of justice. 

The Egyptians have borne the difficult economic reforms, calls for the renewal of religious discourse and coexistence, and the empowerment and support of women, youth and Christians. However, the whole world is talking about serious abuses and violations that are documented by reports and testimonies. We continue to deny and reject all advice and call this our culture and traditions, which are different from the Western world! 
Such argument is not right since human rights and dignity are the same all over the world and according to all the heavenly religions in addition to our commitment to the international conventions and treaties.
What are we waiting before we rebuild the personality of the Egyptian man of great civilization in order to restore our glory and prosperity? Why do not we learn from the mistakes of those who preceded us? 
We have no tolerance for differences and we have lost the privilege of tolerance and respect for others just like we have lost accountability, which led us to serious problems of corruption, negligence and terrorism. Many Egyptian youth are now suffering from a state of despair and frustration.
I think we have to define our priorities and needs, whether at the political, economic or social level, so that we can have a social consensus.
Where is the voice of wisdom and conscience? The opportunity is still before us and hope is still existing. Let us listen to such voice as well as to our people. Let them partake in all key decisions that will affect their lives and future through genuine democratic institutions.