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  • Monday ,11 March 2019

Honor Issue

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Friday ,08 March 2019

Honor Issue

Ali Basha village in Minya is expected to be a witness on great tolerance or massive sectarian strife! Sectarian clashes are expected this time after a Muslim man and his wife who converted into Islam decided to return to the village and dwell in the house next to her family.

7 Coptic families in the village left their homes fearing potential attacks of the extremists, after her conversion was celebrated and praised by the extremists who enjoy taking pride in such conversion and insulted her family and their faith. 
Today, her father sent a letter to president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi asking him to prevent the return of his daughter, which is expected to ignite serious clashes.
It is known that the situation in Upper Egypt and especially in Minya is not that good since we hear every now and then about some clashes between Muslims and Christians. Minya is a place where Coptic homes are attacked over rumors of romantic relationship between a Coptic man and a Muslim woman. Extremists break into houses and destroy them over rumors about turning it into churches. It also witnessed the very first demonstration refusing to  appoint a Coptic governor.
Now, we can’t expect the people to have such unprecedented tolerance and accept having their daughter staying in the home of a Muslim man agains their will, and reply with a smile on those who try to provoke them and mock them for such sensitive case which is taken as honor issue in that community.