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  • Monday ,11 March 2019

lust for control

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,11 March 2019

lust for control

Arab leaders dont give their people any chance to choose and they force them to accept what they want. From Sudan, Algeria, Syria to Egypt, there is no much choices people have. 

In Sudan, the president divided the country between North and south, trying to capture all the opposition and put then in the prison. 
In Algeria, a paralyzed president insisting in candidate himself for another time and he cant even talk or practice his duties and the Army back up the president for unknown reason and upset the whole nation. 
In Syria, President Assad and the opposition destroyed their country and then now fight on who is going to rule a destroyed and a devastated country. 
In Egypt, the only solution to solve any problem is to appoint a military person in a political position and convince people this is the only solution to solve our problems. 
In conclusion, we try to recall the “conspiracy theory” to scare our people and let them be always afraid of the unknown, so we can have a chance to let them believe that there is nothing better than we have and we need to sacrifice our freedom for their lust to be in control.