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  • Wednesday ,10 April 2019

Message to the Egyptian President

By-Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Wednesday ,10 April 2019

Message to the Egyptian President

I send this message to the Governor of Egypt, President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, while he is holding a meeting with US President Donald Trump. I want him to remember the importance and status of Egypt that was mentioned in the holy books and visited by many prophets and scholars throughout history.

Mr. President, I want you to remember that Egypt has always been the heart of the heart of the Arab world, and great source of science, literature and art. It has Al-Azhar, Al-Husayn, Sayeda Nafisah, St. Tereze. On its land many great people lived like: Naguib Mahfouz, Abdel Wahab, Mustapha Mahmoud, Sargios, Mustafa Amin, Faten Hamamah, and other religious scholars, pioneers of science, literature and the arts. 
Remember, Mr. President, that all the rulers of Egypt before you throughout history knew its great value and made sincere efforts to protect its land and borders; to maintain its independence, strengthen, pride and dignity.
We don   t have to be ashamed of our poverty since we have great civilization and history that enrich our pride. The Middle East has Kaaba in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon has the best Trade in the East, and Sudan is the East Food Basket, but Egypt remains the civilization of the East. 
Remember, Mr. President, the statement of the national leader Mustafa Kamel that the one who waivers the right of his country even once, shall live forever disgraced and suffers from incise illness. In the end, the people and history don   t have mercy on the leaders.