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  • Tuesday ,16 April 2019

File of the closed churches

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Tuesday ,16 April 2019

File of the closed churches

A new church was closed today in Suhag after many discussions about closing churches and its negative impact on the Coptic public opinion, especially as we are getting ready to the referendum on the Constitution. 

People forget the number of churches legalized and all steps taken by the regime in the path of citizenship and makes people angry. In fact, such closure is a disgrace on the dignity of citizens and equal citizenship.
Today, Coptic clergy were attacked and this makes people feel more angry. Such incidents make people feel injustice and oppression. With dozens of churches legalized, comes such news as an insults with dozens of mosques in the area of the closed church!
Painkiller is no longer useful for the pain. I hope that people are not driven to despair. I also hope that the homeland is saved from the destruction meant by such attacks in such critical time.