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  • Thursday ,25 April 2019

Executions in Arab Area

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,27 April 2019

Executions in Arab Area
Saudi Arabia announced lately executing of 37 persons. Their accusation was terrorism and threaten the national security. 
Egypt as well executed 39 persons, a lot of them was young people. I don’t want to discuss the execution as a punishment although I disagree completely with it. 
The problem in our region that execution equal to take revenge not to bring justice.  Adding to that the judiciary system is not independent and most of the time do what the political regime wants regardless if this is the justice. 
Some Arabic writers try to persuade themselves with injustice by saying US apply the execution punishment as well, however, they never mention that their judiciary system is independent and ours is not.
In conclusion, I want to say that Arab countries unfortunately away for bring Justice to its people, on contrary they go to other countries and kill their people like what happened with jamal khashoggi.