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  • Friday ,03 May 2019

World war III

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,03 May 2019

World war III

It seems that we might have a third world war without recognizing that. Unfortunately, the US policy leaded by trump will put the world on its edge.

Trump so far failed in his negotiation with North Korea, created a lot of tension with Iran after withdrawing from the nuclear agreement, defended Saudi Arabia after killing the Saudi Journalist “Jamal Kashogi”, and obtained a trade war with china and let the economy goes down every day.

We must remind ourselves that sometimes wars happen unintentionally. We need to remember that any future war will be so bloody and so dirty with a lot of nations possess nuclear weapon, we can  t guarantee that any war will be stoppable.

Tension in the gulf move this war so close and if politician can  t see it, so it means we have a problem of ignoring what  s going around in different regions.

In conclusion. I wish that the US administration should recognize the danger around the world happening from having tension everywhere. Many times, tension could lead to a war even if we didn  t want it.