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  • Wednesday ,08 May 2019

Believe it or not

Suleiman Shafik

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Wednesday ,08 May 2019

Believe it or not

Believe it or not: the Egyptians fast 467 days every year! I do not think there are people in the world who fast as much as the Egyptian people. Egypitan Muslims and Christians fast total of 467 days per year. 

The fasting days of the Copts are: 55 days for Great Lent, three days for Jonah fasting, 42 prior to Christmas, 40 days for the fast of the Apostles, and 15 days for the fast of the Virgin, which may be increased willingly to 21 days. Moreover, they fast Wednesdays and Fridays most of the year, which raises the total number to 256 days, which may increase optionally to 266 days. 
The Muslims fasts including the Holy Month of Ramadan, three days in the month of Sha baan (13-14-15), and one day in Arafat s stand that could increase to ten days. 6 days in Shawal, 3 says in Ragab. Additionally, they fast optionally Mondays and Thursdays, which raises the total number between 147 to 201 days. 
Why the Egyptian people fast all these days? Maybe they love God or fear his punishment, or is it related to the grievances suffered by this people over the ages that they could only practice asceticism and put their trust in God to save them, or they are too poor and practice fasting to abstain from the food that they don t have! In fact, it could be all these reasons.
It is worth mentioning that most of the great achievements and victories of the Egyptians happened during fasting like the Battle of Ain Jalut, the Battle of Hittin against the Crusaders, the tenth of Ramadan victory over Israel in 1973. 
Egyptians have more than a hundred annual celebrations of Muslims and Christian saints. Such spiritual attitudes are deeply rooted in the mind and thoughts of the Egyptian people. Many happy returns on the Holy Month of Ramadan.