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  • Friday ,10 May 2019

Father Morcos Azez, Love and courage

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,11 May 2019

Father Morcos Azez, Love and courage

I knew father Marcos Aziz for long time. I had many interviews with him. We spent a lot of time discussing the Coptic situation and what is the solution to the persecution that Coptic suffer from last century. 

Every time I set a time with him for an interview I went to him in the hanging church. He always very generous and welcoming you in a way makes you feel special. He always was welcoming me as I  m at his home. 

Marcos Aziz was very courage. He wasn  t scared of Mubarak or Habib Al-Adly at that time. I was surprised many times of how is brave and don  t make compromise to say the truth. 

Father Marcos Aziz, was opening not only his church to everyone but also his home. I remember one time he invited me in his home and it was the lent and he invited me and many Journalist on “ Koshary” and we felt really like home. 

Father Marcos was subjected to an assassination attempt and he had to leave Egypt because of that reason, however, Egypt and Copts never went far from his mind and his heart. 

There are a lot of things to say about Father Marcos but I can brief them by saying that his courage and love will always be in our heart and we will always remember him.