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  • Tuesday ,14 May 2019

Angels fighting with us in 1973

By-Abdul Moniem Badawy

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Tuesday ,14 May 2019

Angels fighting with us in 1973

After Egypt won the war of 1973, many people were talking about the angels who have fought with us in the war. A script writer once asked me then to talk about that topic in a TV interview on a religious television. 

The story goes back to Sheikh Abdul Halim Mahmoud, Imam of Al-Azhar at the time of the war who was very powerful and well educated. The man said about the war that started on the tenth day of the Holy Month of Ramadan (47 years ago) that angels have been fighting with our soldiers since they were fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan. He assured that such victory was only achieved thanks to God who sent the angels.
In fact, we have never seen such angels, but we saw the strong faithful men who fought with us. Indeed, the soldiers were true angels who offered their souls seeking victory or martyrdom. 
On that occasion, I salute our champions who lived or died for their country. We shall never forget those angels.