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  • Friday ,17 May 2019

Absence of Justice

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,18 May 2019

Absence of Justice

Paid my attention today one news about the death of Khaled Saeed’s Mother. I totally recognized when i read this news how painful could be when someone dies and feel absence of justice. 

Her son died and people killed him free or sentenced few years comparing to their action. One of the main things destroy societies is lack of justice and people feel they have fair channels to resort to when they want. 
With all what happened in Egypt last 7 years, can we say that there is justice in Egypt? Unfortunately, After 7 years of the revolution Egypt still lack of economic and social justice. People in power and president Sisi still add more to this injustice by increasing prices and leave people without any alternative of feeling poor. 
Instead of honoring Khaled Saeed’s Mother. I only can see small news about her death. Instead of recognize her suffering from injustice before her death, we just try to ignore her to please people in power. 
In conclusion, I can assure that our political system is designed to accumulate injustice until it burst in our face and then recognize how severe was our regime.