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  • Monday ,20 May 2019

Saint-Cyril Choir celebrates resurrection in Jerusalem

Amany Moussa

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Friday ,17 May 2019

Saint-Cyril Choir celebrates resurrection in Jerusalem

The European Coptic choir Saint-Cyril celebrated the glorious Easter holiday with a grand concert on May 4th in conjunction with Beit Sahour of the Orthodox Roman Church, in the celebration hall in the city of Bethlehem. 

The two groups offered a number of melodies in Greek, Coptic, Arabic, English and French. 
The ceremony was under auspices of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and His Holiness Theophilus, Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox, and was attended by a large number of clergy as well as 400 guests of different nationalities. 
It is worth mentioning that Saint-Cyril Coptic Choir consists of 170 Coptic chanters from Europe and is headed by Dr. Michel Henin.