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  • Monday ,20 May 2019

Ideas and proposals to save the region

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Friday ,17 May 2019

Ideas and proposals to save the region
We have to thank the Egyptian Foreign Ministry for its successes, cooperation and openness to countries such as China, India and Russia, as well as the African countries. This leads us to think more about the potential wars in the Arab region, especially in the Gulf region, which will drain its resources and affect its people and prosperity badly.
The escalation by America and its successor Israel supported by some Gulf states against Iran has become a real danger and threat for all countries in the region. Therefore, I propose to the President al-Sisi to take an initiative by sending a deputy for him and let Major General Mahmoud Hijazi or Major General Mohammed Irfan to start the negotiations with Iran and to play the role of mediation with Iran, which bears great appreciation to Egypt giving its history, civilization and culture. We need to realize the threat before us that some Western countries want to start.
The situation is indeed complicated, but it is very important to try to stop such potential war and this is the role and destiny of Egypt in the region.
This was a call by Mohamed Anwar Sadat, head of the Reform and Development Party, whom I respect. However, I dont like giving this mission to the hands of the army men since diplomatic intervention is needed for diplomats, not military personnel, which gives a feeling of nearby war. The talks should reach Iran, America, and the Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, I hope we wont be part of this potential war after all. I hope the Egyptian government move before it is too late.